Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brett Favre QB Minnesota Vikings

Well, you know ESPN isn't going to touch on it, and on Monday Night Football Jon Gruden isn't going to drop a, "THIS GUY -- this guy Brett Favre, now he knows how to send a dick pic" so I'll touch on it like many already have. Brett Favre, as alleged by Deadspin via Jenn Sterger e-mails, Brett Favre had some, well intimate messages sent with the Jenn Sterger, who co-hosts the Daily Line on Versus and is a sideline reporter for the New York Jets, which involved Favre showing off his little gunslinger via sext message with crocs on and all.

It started when Favre, allegedly, sent Sterger a myspace message under an alias, stating that he saw her and that he was new to the organization and had grey hair -- that that was all that he could mention cause he didn't want to get caught, he then stated the Jets PR mans name to prove it was him, and said he would drop off Brett's # or he would ask for hers, then she started receiving voicemails, telling her that he's going to be in his hotel to chill, and that he'd love to see her tonight and to shoot him a text. A man approaches her trying to set them up, and she declines saying that if she was with someone like that she might end up in a garbage can. Then his voicemails, shy highschooler at first become a little more desperate. The second message says, "so in a garbage can? So thats what you think I think of ya." Then she receives the ultimate seduction, multiple pictures of little lorenzo. So is it him? If the Crocs don't fit, you must acquit.

Video including pictures and voicemails on Deadspin.


  1. The man has taste, he wants two boobs not one.

  2. what a fucking piece of shit, I'm glad he's out of Green Bay.