Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brett Favre QB Minnesota Vikings, Chuck Cecil DC Tennessee Titans

Here's a video that is a MUST SEE for fans of drunk NFL players. It features then Packers QB Brett Favre and S Chuck Cecil as they judged a "HOTT BUNS" Contests at a bar. As Favre was being announced, he poured Rumple Minze  into his mouth straight from the bottle, and then chugged a some beer. As Cecil was announced, he poured Jagermeister into his mouth, then being the badass he is he cracked open a beer bottle with his teeth and drank from it.

Later, during the actual competition that features some girls dressed in their best 90's skanky apparel, Brett Favre grabs the mic and exclaims that he has a song that he used sing, and then he sings "Heyyyyyy! We want some pussy!" over and over again before the mic gets taken from him. This happens allegedly after a win against the Chicago Bears, and before a game against the Houston Oilers. Brett Favre was 23 at the time, and while not married to DeAnna at the time, he had a child with her.

Up top is screen shots, because the RadarOnline doesn't have an embedded version, for the full version including the former great Packers Brett Favre and Chuck Cecil chugging alcohol and beer click HERE.

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