Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Michael Vick QB Philadelphia Eagles

On September 19th Philadelphia Eagles HC Andy Reid stated that QB Kevin Kolb is the starter of the team "if healthy". 2 days later, September 21st, Kevin Kolb was very healthy from his concussion from week one, but announced that Michael Vick was playing "out of his mind right now" and that he was "one of the quarterbacks right now in the National Football League" in a press conference announcing that Michael Vick would be the starting QB for the remainder of the season. Seeing how much of a lie Reid dropped on everyone, I wouldn't be surprised to see that Kolb is starting the next game for the Eagles, against the shitty Jacksonville Jaguars. This isn't even his first QB lie of this offseason, he stated that Donovan McNabb was the starting QB of the team in January, and then traded him to the Washington Redskins where he has been better than anything they've seen lately. Next thing you know he's gonna tell us his kids are scholar students.


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