Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kris Jenkins NT New York Jets

Kris Jenkins had to be talked out of retirement by New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan this offseason. Kris Jenkins said, "Look, I've been playing football since I was 8, I'm getting tired. Like, I'm not tired of it yet, but I'm starting to get tired." You can take that as you want it, but the way I took it is the fact that rehabbing such a serious injury to your knee (ACL) is tiring, and makes you wonder if you got it in you to keep going. The former 2nd round pick out of Maryland for the Carolina Panthers, and 3 time All-Pro / 4 time Pro Bowler was 30 when he tore his left ACL last season. However he came back ready for this season, only to see his left leg get rolled up on by LB Bart Scott tearing the same ACL two seasons in a row. This might be the end of the road for the great defensive lineman if he can't -- or won't -- return from this devastating leg injury. This is the type of injury you just can't drink away.

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  1. I love Kris Jenkins, he is such a wonderful dedicated player! Plus, he is hilarious on the pre-game shows. When his football career is over, I hope he will have a perminant spot on one of these shows because he is truly great. I am so upset the Jets let him go this season, he is so deserving and dedicated to this team, I hope they re-sign him once the negotiations are done. Best of Luck Kris- We love you!