Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kassim Osgood WR Jacksonville Jaguars

Kassim Osgood, who left the San Diego Chargers for a bigger role on offense, has had 2 catches this season for 29 yards and 1 touchdown. Looks like maybe he wasn't meant to play offense. Maybe they should give him the ball as a running back though, as now we know his elusiveness because you know if you can dodge a bullet, you can dodge a LB.

Kassim Osgood had to jump out of a second story window to dodge a gun wielding jealous ex-boyfriend who pulled a gun on him and a 19 year old girl, a Jaguars cheerleader, who was the mans ex-girlfriend. The crazy psycho man put a gun to the girls head and misquoted Florida Gators Chris Rainey saying to the girl, "What did the football player say to his girlfriend? 'Its a good day to die'".

It all started when Osgood and the girl, Mackenzie Rae Putnal, were watching television at 11:15 PM (probably Nick at Nite cause you know he wasn't watching tape of the Jaguars getting destroyed) when an armed man barged in wielding a gun and a bag over his head saying, "I can't believe you're with that guy." He then dragged Putnal around by her hair and hit her with the gun and his manly girl hitting fists before pistol whipping Osgood. The gun man took Putnals phone and tackled her while she was trying to flee, he ordered the 2 to the floor and Putnal escaped on foot. Osgood yelled, "Good luck, I'll see how it went later!" and shoved a chair underneath the door. Osgood then ran and jumped out a second story window and ran to the neighbors to call police. The women then became Rambo and pulled out a laser sight pistol and aimed it at the gunman before they both shot and missed. No joke. This is straight from an action movie.

The gunman, Julian Armond Bartello, was charged with aggravated battery, false imprisonment, armed robbery, burglary, and violation of an injunction (restraining order).

Update: HERE is the police report of the incident, with some prior unreleased parts that make the guy just look bat shit insane.  He asked Kassim if he fucked the girl at least twice, and when the girl ran away and she was pointing the laser sighted pistol at him he told her that he loved her.


  1. Holy Shit! Bitches be CRAZY!!!

  2. Hahaha "good luck ill see how it went later" you're fucking hilarious man hahahhaha