Monday, September 13, 2010

Jason Douglas RB Pittsburgh

Jason Douglas, a RB for the Pittsburgh Panthers, was charged with multiple offenses after hitting a pedestrian and leaving the scene of an accident early Sunday morning. Douglas, only 19 years old, was charged with causing an accident resulting in serious injury, aggravated assault, underage drinking, and DUI. Witnesses told police at a DUI checkpoint that they saw Douglas' car, a silver pontiac, strike a driver and drive away with a missing front headlight. Police caught up to the car and ordered Douglas out of the car which he did, but stumbled and nearly ate shit on the pavement. He "smelled strongly of alcohol", had "bloodshot and glassy eyes" and police officers needed to help him stand up. He pulled a Damon Evans saying to the officers, "Hey I play for Pitt football, please don't arrest me." I mean, he asked really nicely, but considering he blew a .178 at the scene, they arrested him anyways.

The redshirt freshman who is a former 3* recruit has been suspended indefinitely according to coach Dave Wannstedt. Which they probably wanted to do after he fumbled the opening kickoff in the week 1 loss to Utah.

Friends don't let friends Drive Drunk -- and hit Pedestrians Update: Starting MLB Dan Mason was in the car when Jason Douglas got drunk, drove, and hit a pedestrian before driving away, and presumably, more intoxicated than the .178 Douglas. Mason won't be charged with any crimes, and won't be suspended, but head coach Dave Wannstedt decided to demote the LB to second string

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