Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Duane Brown LT Houston Texans

Matt Schaub's Blindside protector Duane Brown, Houston Texans first round pick in 2008 apparently likes to mix some performance enhancing drugs in his Grey Goose and Lemonade because it was recently reported by the Houston Chronicle that he is suspended for games for violating the leagues policy on performance enhancing drugs. Brown -- unlike teammate Brian Cushing -- fessed up to putting himself in the situation, but not knowingly taking the supplement, saying:

"First off, I want to personally apologize to  Mr. McNair, coach Kubiak and the rest of the coaching staff, my teammates, family and to all the great and loyal Texans fans, I take full responsibility for putting myself in this situation. I unknowingly took a supplement tainted with a banned substance and now have to deal with the consequences.”

He also said he will not appeal the suspension, which would have allowed him to keep playing. The Texans play the Cowboys this coming week and now a backup will have to have nightmares about DeMarcus Ware until the beating is over, and likely for weeks after. No word on his supplier, but the league is looking to question Cushing.

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