Friday, September 10, 2010

Antwan Odom DE Cincinnnati Bengals

Antwan Odom, a former 2nd round pick by the Tennessee Titans out of Alabama who signed a free agent contract for 5 years $29.5 million dollars with the Cincinnati Bengals, has 23.5 sacks in his career. Of those 23.5 (6 years) he recorded 8 in 5 games last season (5 against the Packers week 2) prior to rupturing his Achilles tendon. Why the sudden jump after only registering 15.5 over 5 years prior to last year? Well it looks like we might know now. Odom is facing a 4 game suspension under the leagues steroids policy allegedly. Then again he might think he has some form of cancer. Or he's over trained. We'll certainly find out after the appeal.

Odom went to twitter to try and get his defense up, saying:
"To my fans and teammates: Please don't believe the rumors. Yes I tested positive for a banned substance but it wasn't steroids or PEDs. More details to come but for now it's a league issue that's under appeal. Just know that I would never cheat to gain an edge in this game that I love. Don't lose your faith in me and please don't pass judgement based on vicious rumors until all the facts are known. Thank you for all your support I really need it now. I love all of you, Antwan"

Update: Antwan Odom has officially been suspended by the NFL for 4 games for violating the leagues policy on performance enhancing drugs. David Cornwell, Antwan Odom's attorney, released a statement saying what allegedly happened that he tested positive, and stressed that there needs to be changes to the disciplinary programs. Supposedly, while driving from Alabama (where Odom played college football) to Cincinnati he asked his wife to give him some medicine that was in a prescription bottle, however, she grabbed her weight loss pills instead his medicine and he tested positive for the diuretic. However, why do they honestly think that they could have gotten out of this suspension? I mean, while an accident if true, next time someone tests positive (ahem -- Cushing) they can make up some excuse similar (ahem -- Cushing). While if Odom is truthful here, this is an unfortunate mistake that cost him 4 games, but at least he went down with dignity, not with "over-trained athlete syndrome".

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