Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andy Moeller OL Coach Baltimore Ravens

Andy Moeller, an assistant offensive line coach for the Baltimore Ravens, was popped for DUI and Negligent Driving when he was pulled over for speeding at nearly 1 AM Saturday morning. Andy Moeller is in his 3rd season as a Baltimore Ravens coach, and has over 23 years of coaching experience. He was a 2 year starter at Michigan in the '80's before later going on to coach for them.

Moeller may want to take a guilty plea deal on this one, because it just so happens that he is a habitual drunk driver. May 14th he was also arrested for DUI and Negligent Driving, but those charges were acquitted when he apparently wasn't even driving the car. Also in 2007, while coaching at Michigan, he was arrested for refusing to take a breathalyzer following a car accident and then he was taken to the hospital where blood was drawn.

Update: Moeller has been found guilty of drunk driving and sentenced to 2 years of supervised probation, the probation includes that he cannot drink for 2 years. He had already served 2 days at a lockdown treatment center, but the rest of his 60 day sentence was suspended. Since the arrest Moeller has attended 52 self-help alcohol meetings as well has passed almost 2 dozen alcohol tests. Going off of how Joe Cullen's naked joyride ended, he can probably expect a 1 game suspension from Roger Goodell in the near future.

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