Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tyler Thomas OL Oregon State

Thomas -- clothed.

Usually when a player does something fucking nuts when he's drunk, I think, "Hell! I want to party with this dude!" This however, couldn't be farther from that.

Oregon State offensive lineman Tyler Thomas was arrested for first degree criminal trespass, as well as second degree criminal mischief, and resisting arrest. The 19 year old was lucky enough they didn't add on another underage to his first one which was already posted on Shot of Ginn. Oh, and well, maybe a indecent exposure ticket too. On to the outrageous details of this arrest.

Police received a call from a 32 year old woman at 4:51 AM who were told that there was a man in her residence, upstairs in an office. The police were told that the intoxicated man had done damage to their computer, and I'm just gonna assume the desktop looked like a nice toilet. That's about the last halfway normal thing in this entire story. Officers came up and saw him and ordered him to the ground several times. Naturally, and drunkenly, he refused. Instead of going to the ground, he got into a three point stance.... butt ass naked... he lunged at the cops in an attempt to possibly run block for the desk behind him, however he CLEARLY should have been flagged for false start. That ended up with him getting 50,000 volts to his naked body (please lord let the cops have hit him right in the baby maker) and that ended his crazy night. He was later dismissed from the team. Naturally.

Shot of Ginn arrest of the year? Shot of Ginn arrest of the year.

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