Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shaun Phillips LB San Diego Chargers

While currently being accused of punching a security guard in the face, Shaun Phillips (seen above drinking with San Francisco 49er's TE Vernon Davis) has another lawsuit on his hands, and this one has much more old woman beating. A 54 year old woman claims that while at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas a drunk Shaun Phillips struck her and injured her, and she is asking for more than $10,000 in return. It all happened when the woman, Lourdes Jaross -- again 54 years old -- was trying to get on a raised dance floor at the club. A drunk Shaun Phillips (by his "conduct, speech, and demeanor" says the woman) said fuck no, no cougars allowed and hit her in the face with his elbow which gave her a bruise. I really think that they should give him the key to the god damn city, these women need to realize that they're not in their mid 20's anymore, look your 54. Go home and enjoy retirement/being a grandma/knitting etc.

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