Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reggie Bush RB New Orleans Saints

TMZ is on the case... Reggie Bush, ex-boyfriend of Kim Kardashian, apparently got way to schwasted and got into it with Kim at a wedding of teammate Bobby McCray, who is marrying a friend of Kardashians. "SOURCES" tell TMZ that they were chatting it up and then things got "heated" and Reggie got "aggressive due to drunkenness" but that the argument never got physical and they both got escorted out by their body guards and given rides home after that at around 1:00 AM. Gee, and I thought they were so perfect together. Now we've all been there before, said something while you were drunk, and certainly texted something while we were drunk. You know Reggie woke up the next morning like "Fuuuuck, did I really say that." Its okay. Delete the text and it never happened.

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