Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rashad Bobino LB Ex-Atlanta Falcons

By now you may have seen the video above, its of a guy that was tough enough to cold cock a girl in the back of the head knocking her out, before getting his shit fucking completely rocked by MMA fighter Roger Huerta. Well that apparently isn't all. SportsByBrooks learned that the man who knocked out the girl not even facing him was former Texas Longhorns/Atlanta Falcons LB Rashad Bobino. Lets get this straight, Bobino stands 5'11 and weighs 230 pounds. Huerta stands 5 foot 9, and a staggering 155 pounds. Huerta is a lightweight in MMA, and if Bobino decides to join (uhh... I'd recommend against it) he would be 3 weight classes higher than Huerta, as a light heavyweight. Huerta has won 21 of 27 career fights, and Bobino couldn't even make it to a camp in the NFL, let along beat a man who weighs roughly 80 pounds less, even though he threw the first punches (according to Huerta). The only advice to Bobino would usually be "fight someone your own size" but looks like that didn't do him much good either. Just so everyone is aware, it looks like Bobino is still playing football... for the ATXFL -- a 9 v 9 adult flag football league.

Full Fight video HERE from TMZ.

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