Sunday, August 8, 2010

John Gill DL Indianapolis Colts

John Gill Colts DL #69, a former undrafted free agent from Northwestern (originally singed by the Detroit Lions) went out and celebrated the teams scrimmage a little too hard and ended up in handcuffs. Gill was arrested for public intoxication when he was found passed out in a ditch at around 4 AM by police, and that's just the beginning -- it gets MUCH better. He was passed out, no car around, no shoes on, and no one has any idea how he arrived at this allegedly very comfortable ditch. Officers noticed his blue shirt and khaki shorts were, and I quote, "Disheveled and Soiled" meaning he pissed and/or shit himself. The officers tried to help Gill, who smelled strongly of alcohol, up but he just kept falling over until they leaned him up against the police squad car to keep him from ending up on the ground again. Today he had the day off from Camp, but he spent most of it in police custody, and lets be honest, a hangover for the ages.

Animal House has a quote for John Gill, one he should take to heart : "fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to get through life"

That was FAST update: New Drawers, New Shorts, No Ticket. The public intoxication charge was dropped for Gill, cops apparently feeling lenient and probably still cracking up.

Update: Gill will miss the entire season while going to get treatment for alcoholism. This just seems... so unfortunate. This is a guy I'd like to throw back a few with.

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