Monday, August 2, 2010

Jamie Blatnick DE Oklahoma State

Jamie Blatnick (left), part time starter in 2009 who is penciled in to start in 2010, was arrested for felony aggravated assault and battery because of an incident that happened in J.R. Murphys, a club in Stillwater. The person he was brawling? Former OSU OL Steve Denning (right/goony), who last played in 2008 but graduated last year. Must have had some intense battles in the 1 v. 1's. On to the awesome details.

The fight was first started by Blatnick, who hit Denning in the face with a bottle. Well, as you might think, that really fucked up Denning. The news release stated that Denning was "bleeding profusely" from his left eye. The officers were notified and showed up at 1:17 AM and Blatnick and Denning were taken outside, and when Denning saw Blatnick he went batshit insane and tried to fight through numerous officers to continue the fight. Which of course ended up with him getting tasered to be subdued. Several witnesses stated that they saw Blatnick start the fight, but Denning was also charged with misdemeanor assault.

BLOOD UPDATE: So when you get hit in the face with a bottle by someone who starts on the defensive line of a division 1 college... this might be how your face turns out:

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