Monday, August 9, 2010

Gerard Lawson CB Cleveland Browns

Gerard Lawson beat the odds a couple of years ago in 2008 by making the squad as an undrafted free agent out of Oregon State. While he only has a total of 3 tackles in 2 years, he is still fighting for a spot with the Browns, likely for a special teams spot. Last night he decided that he was going to do his best to fuck it up by getting arrested for DUI and hit and run... after the teams curfew. Sheriffs deputies were transporting a prisoner when they saw Lawson, 25, hit a parked car and continue driving early Sunday morning. Lawson was turned over to the Cleveland police and he was charged with DUI. Lawson was on the losing team of the scrimmage last Saturday, on the white team, and because the brown team one they had their curfew lifted, but Lawson and his teammates on the white team didn't. Curfews? Who follows those anyways.

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