Saturday, August 28, 2010

Matt Elam S, Solomon Patton WR Florida Gators

2 Florida Gators freshman, safety Matt Elam (above) and wide receiver Solomon Patton, were arrested on alcohol related offenses over the summer. Elam, a possible starter, was charged with a first degree misdemeanor when he was seen carrying a carbonated malt liquor beverage named Four Loko (its the equivalent of a cup of coffee or 2 and 3 beers). Elam tried to pay the ticket with a check -- and in the subject field it honestly stated "open container ticket" -- but they won't accept checks so it got sent back and he has until October 27th to pay the 121$ fine.

Patton on the other hand was charged with a second degree misdemeanor drinking charge. He was seen with a drink containing vodka and when the cop saw them he tried to hand off the drink. Like that ever works. Since Elam is a possible freshman starter he will not be suspended at all during the season, however Patton's season status is up in the air at the moment.

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