Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dillon Baxter RB USC

Peter Read Miller / SI

Just another distraction in the office of Lane Kiffin. Freshman RB Dillon Baxter, who had highlight reel plays during scrimmages and is this years version of "the next Reggie Bush" has been suspended for a game for violation of team rules. Turns out the "violation of team rules" was getting caught smoking marijuana in the dorms. According to Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times a source with knowledge of the situation said that Baxter was an unnamed person that was found in violation of the teams curfew, and "being under the influence of a controlled substance" at 2:47 AM on Tuesday. The incident itself will be dealt with by campus authorities. He was caught because officers smelled marijuana coming from the dorms. The suspension puts the 5 star recruit out for the game against Hawaii. He still might be able to travel to Hawaii with the team. So he gets a free weekend vacation to Hawaii while on "suspension".

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  1. Poor guy. A free trip to Hawaii and doesn't get to be beaten on by some big angry Hawaiians.