Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Victor Johnson FS Oklahoma State

Victor Johnson, a possible starter in the Oklahoma State secondary, was arrested Saturday morning for possession of marijuana, and obstructing police business. Police were investigating a "suspicious odor". After the suspicious odor was smelled by the OSU police, he apparently tried to do all that he could to get them from searching his room, but in the end they did what they wanted to and found what they knew was there, some marijuana.

This, though, was not his only arrest as of recent. NewsOK reports that Johnson was recently in court to plead not guilty for a DUI arrest that happened on June 11. During that arrest he was pulled over for his taillights not working properly, and the officer smelled alcohol and noticed that he had blood shot watery eyes. After failing sobriety tests he was arrested for driving under the influence.

Head Coach Mike Gundy was out of town on Monday so had no comment on the soon to be ex-Oklahoma State DB.

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