Thursday, July 1, 2010

Michael and Marcus Vick - QB's - Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick (Atlanta Falcons, and Philadelphia Eagles [right]), and his brother Marcus Vick (WR for the Miami Dolphins[left]), both of Virginia Tech QB fame and off the field infamy have found themselves in the thick of an investigation of a shooting.

It all happened at Michael Vick's 30th birthday party, where a man was shot when Michael Vick wasn't present... But After that everything started leaking out, and it looks worse and worse for the Vick's. Turns out the person that was shot was Quanis Phillips, a defendent in the dog fighting case -- and a convicted felon. Of course, his probation terms say that he can't hang out with convicted felons or associating with his dog fighting co-defendents. Phillips initially tried to drive away, and as a witness said "His friends were dragging him around the corner and blood was everywhere" Michael voluntarily spoke to detectives, saying he left the party 30 minutes before the shooting... the video tapes at the restaurant of the birthday party disagree though, showing that he left just 3 minutes before the shooting. Next came news that possibly Marcus was involved, he didn't leave until after the shooting, and the suspect was described as being a "black male wearing a white tank top driving a white escalade" and Michael bought Marcus a White Escalade as a birthday gift a few years back. Detectives and Michael's federal probation officer are now turning their attention back to Michael due to differences in time, even though Michael wasn't considered a suspect in the shooting initially. More news to come on this one.

It should be pointed out that Marcus has a prior gun charge, when he got in trouble for pointing a gun at 3 17 year olds in a McDonalds, and was charged with 3 misdemeanor counts of brandishing a fire arm.

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