Saturday, July 17, 2010

Johnny Jolly DL Green Bay Packers

Johnny Jolly, featured here more than his mother would like him to be, was suspended by Roger Goodell "indefinitely" and at least for the 2010 season. He can appeal the suspension following the upcoming Super Bowl. Jolly (seen above dressed to impress and super concerned about his court case in the court house) has not yet been found guilty of the charges against him, which also say that he was a major dealer in Houston, so this suspension falls under positive tests. He might as well have tested positive for WMD's and black tar heroin if he gets suspended indefinitely for that, while Roethlisberger gets 4-6 games for rape charges. The Packers drafted 2 DL (Mike Neal and CJ Wilson) and re-upped Ryan Pickett and moved him to DE, so you can't say they didn't see it coming. We may never see his untucked jersey in the NFL any more, or his awesome late hits, head butts, or one handed interceptions.

Update: Johnny Jolly will spend one year in a pretrial diversion program that could lead to his felony charge being dropped. Jolly was sentenced to 160 hours of community service, including 10 speakings to kinds in the Houston area trying to deter drug use. Jolly will not be allowed to drink alcohol or take any drugs for the year, and he is subject to monthly random drug tests. Furthermore, if a doctor prescribes him medication, the doctor must speak with the judge and courts first (hope he isn't having any mouth procedures that need codeine). One of the main reasons this got passed, is because the judge spoke with Jolly's mother and brother and feels he has a strong support system in place to help him get through this year clean.

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  1. No kidding. Rape vs. smoking a joint and sipping "purple drank." You'd a thought Jolly murdered someone. Guess Goodell had to though...