Friday, July 9, 2010

Jeremy Green Ex-Cleveland Browns FO

Jeremy Green, the ex-Cleveland Browns director of player personnel and (now) former ESPN analyst was arrested on charges of possession of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as first degree possession of child pornography, which apparently in in Connecticut you need to possess more than 50 images to be charged with first degree. The drug of choice, cocaine, as he admitted to police. His father is former Cardinals and Vikings head coach Denny Green, and when asked for a comment he had this to say. Certainly there will be much, much more regarding this.

Disgusting Update: Well shit just got weirder. Jeremy Green aka "jjack0721" was talking to a undercover investigator that was pretending to be a mom that was willing to send her 3 children to connecticut - "lendingmom12" - for him to do whatever with. Green sent the undercover detective 17 pictures of a toddler, 2 videos of a toddler, and a video of an 8 year old girl. When the detectives traced the internet back to a hotel room, he was with his girlfriend and police found cocaine, a personal computer, a computer belonging to ESPN, and flash drives, one which contained over 100 pictures of girls from the ages of 2-10.

Green is currently on suicide watch with a bond of $750,000.

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