Monday, July 5, 2010

JaMarcus Russell QB Oakland Raiders

JaMarcus Russell, formerly the enormous (figuratively and literally) bust for the Oakland Raiders, has been arrested for possession of a controlled substance in Alabama on Monday. The controlled substance: The Johnny Jolly special, Codeine. Promethazine Codeine, when mixed, is often called 'purple drank', 'sizzurp', or 'lean'. (the only lean thing JaMarcus is ever associated with) He wasn't taken into custody at a club, or drivinghnny , or parked in a parking lot, no, the guy figured out a way to get arrested in his own home after an undercover investigation and posted bond. You gotta figure his laziness and sluggishness while joining the infamous bust ranks may have been due to to much purple drank. Russell's only defense now is that he just left IHOP and clearly it was just some Aunt Jemima's syrup.

This arrest comes not long after ESPN's OTL did a piece on "Purple Drank" Which can be seen here.

Update: JaMarcus' arrest is the end result of a 2 month undercover investigation, that could possibly lead to more arrests. The police weren't initially targetting Russell, but his name and address kept showing up, then they targeted him.

Update: The Oakland Raiders have spoken on the matter: “We did all that we could to intervene and assist with a myriad of issues with JaMarcus Russell. NFL policy restricts our ability to comment publicly at this time. Therefore, those in the media who declare what the Raiders knew or should have known or what the Raiders did or should have done, are reckless, irresponsible and offensive and do a disservice to all concerned, including the public.”

Update: JaMarcus Russell recently plead not guilty to the charges, and he has another pre-trial meeting on August 11th. This details that undercover officers found a bottle of codeine syrup in his house in a search. Authorities also state that he had no prescription for the medicine.

Update: JaMarcus continues to deny using Codeine in his recent arrest, but he does admit to using Codeine in the past without a prescription -- but hasn't in the last 3 years and doesn't have drug addiction to it. Along with that, he admits that after the Raiders drafted him, he tested positive for Codeine in 2007. What does this mean? Nothing just news from the past -- a news that points that he was most likely totally guilty of this new charge.

Some points from the arrest came out, as well. JaMarcus was in his house with 9 other people when the arrest was made. The police found and orange colored drink in a cup and JaMarcus told them that it was his Kool-Aid, and it later tested positive for Codeine. The non-prescribed bottle of codeine was found in a cabinet not close to JaMarcus' room. What does this mean? He may be guilty, but this and the fact he's got a guy testifying that it was his, so he probably won't get found guilty of this crime.

Update:  a Grand Jury found that there was not enough evidence to indict JaMarcus Russell on charges relating to the codeine in his house. Now teams will be sprinting to get his services. If by team, you mean Mike Brown and the Cincinnati "rejuvenate your career" Bengals.


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