Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dontavius Jackson RB, Tavarres King WR Georgia

Two Georgia Bulldogs, one following the recent advice of now former AD Damon Evans, have been arrested on alcohol related charges. Running back Dontavius Jackson, 20, was arrested and charged with DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, and other traffic offenses, and WR Tavarres King, 19, was charged with underage possession of alcohol, as was 2 other occupants of the vehicle.

Jackson failed to move into the left lane when a cop had pulled over a vehicle that was unrelated so the police followed the car and later got a call that the car may have been involved in a hit and run. We'll have to wait for the police report to come out to find out if the 2 other occupants were women... and where there underwear was located.

Suspension Update: Head Coach Mark Richt has brought down the suspension hammer hard on Dontavius Jackson, giving him a "minimum" of a 6 game suspension. Tavarres King, however, is facing the same indefinite suspension, but is only seriously facing a 1 game suspension.

Police Report Update: I found the police report, and it appears that Jackson was suspended one game for every misdemeanor charge. The charges are DUI, Underage Poss/Consumption of Alcohol, Procedure for passing stationary authorized emergency vehicle, License/Permits - Instructional/provisional/temp, following too closely, and hit and run.

Also in the car was 20 year old Sophomore CB Branden Smith, who was released at the scene after being determined that he didn't drink.

Jackson failed just about every sobriety test before the call came in regarding the hit and run, he then said that he rear ended a car, but settled on the scene of the accident. He then finally admitted to the cop to taking 2 shots down town -- after prior saying he didn't have any alcohol. When taken to the police station he was recorded as refusing to take the breath test because he wouldn't do the test properly trying to beat it.

Suspension Update: Dontavius Jackson, facing a multiple game suspension, has decided to transfer from the Bulldogs.

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