Saturday, July 10, 2010

Da'Rick Rogers WR Darren Myles S Tennessee

A bar brawl ended up with one officer injured (currently in stable condition), and 2 Tennessee Volunteers charged including prized recruit WR Da'Rick Rogers and safety/car surfer Darren Myles Jr. Rogers was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and Myles was charged with assault, evading arrest, and resisting arrest.

It all started when freshman defensive tackle Montori Hughes was assaulted by a drunk bar goer for no apparent reason, which started an all out bar brawl, which was basically moved outside by bouncers. Thats when the officer, off duty, tried to break up the fight, but then was subsequently beaten by Myles, Rogers, WR Denarious Moore, DL John Brown, and WR Matthew Milton. Witnesses say that after the off duty officer was struck in the head he fell down and people jumped in hitting and kicking him on the ground. The officer was found unconcious with a head wound at 1:50 AM.

Then came a hilarious foot pursuit of Darren Myles. A cop came up to the group, and when he identified himself Myles took off, and then was followed by the officer, Greenlee. Greenlee caught him, but Myles slipped out of his grip when he was trying to arrest him, he resisted so hard that he accidentally threw an elbow into Greenlee's face. Another officer, officer McCann, joined the pursuit and found Myles underneath a BMW and ordered him out. Which he did... but then he sprinted off again. Another officer, Sgt. Keck, joined in chasing him now, then all three of the cops chased, and subsequently stopped him after finding him hiding in the bushes by a hall.

Darren Myles has been booted from the team, while DT Marlon Walls and LB Greg King have been indefinitely suspended from the team. Surprisingly (or not?) 5* WR Da'Rick Rogers has been left off of the suspension list....

Pictures from Deadspin.

Update: Officer Robert Capouellez is still in serious condition despite some dumb hospital worker falsely reporting that he had been released from the hospital.

2nd Update: the SEC and Tennessee are looking into whether UT players get preferential treatment at the bar by going in without having to pay the cover charge. That would be a NCAA violation. The bar has a list of about 300 people that get there fee waived. And since everyone loves mug shots as much as I do, here's Darren Myles looking happy after his arrest and dismissal.

Video Update: An interview with the bar owner and some scenes from the crime:

Incident Report Update: Chase Nelson, a senior DT who is currently under academic suspension, has been named in an incident report as the man who started the fight with 20 year old Gary Russell . The only thing is that an internal investigation showed that Nelson wasn't even present at the bar on the night in question. There still has been no arrests or charges.

Well they beat up a fatty update: Gary Russell, the man who was beat up first before the police officer, is apparently a little on the chunky side. He may enjoy a Big Mac or 2. Below is a picture of him after his UT beating, and he explained a little bit to ESPN:

"If not for my friends jumping in, I would be dead, or brain dead. It was obvious that they weren't going to stop One of them was holding my head up, and they were punching me in my face while I was on the ground and stomping on my chest, Finally, my friends were able to help get them off me, and the bouncers started dragging them outside"

Fatty Picture from BustedCoverage.

UnSuspended Update: LB Greg King and DL Marlon Walls have been reinstated by coach Derek Dooley. No other suspensions are expected until after the police finish their investigation.

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