Friday, July 2, 2010

Damon Evans AD Georgia

I felt the hilariousness of the released police report deserved a new post, and believe me, hilarious is an understatement. Before I dive straight into breaking up this police report for you, remember that this 30-50 year old man, Damon Evans, is married and has 2 kids. Now onto the good stuff.

At 11:54 PM on June 30th, the officer observed Evans' black BMW failing to maintain his lane, straddling the white line completely, and drifting into left turn lanes only to finally go back into the main lane he was driving in. The driver continued at low speed probably noticing the officer but continued to drift into lanes, when stopped he pulled into a parking lot and parked in a space.

The officer came to the window and asked him for his license, which he gave to him -- after fumbling through everything and dropping half of it. The officer noticed a pair of red womens panties between Evans' legs. The officer of course smelled alcohol from both his breath and the car, while Evans had red blood shot eyes, and droopy eyelids. Evans said he had a "couple of drinks" and did was every DUI suspect does -- admit to having two drinks -- two Vodka-Martini's to be exact.

Evans was asked if he was taking any medication, and he said "No, I feel pretty good" and I shit you not the officer wrote in the police report "he smiled and laughed for no apparently reason". He then began performing sobriety tests which were continually interrupted by his non wife Courtney Fuhrmann being all drunk and belligerent. Evans said he "had a young lady who is intoxicated and I am just trying to get her home." The officer had enough and she got arrested and continued to be crazy shitty drunk in the back of the cop car.

Evans refused to take a PBT and was placed under arrest for DUI, but kept pulling away and trying to turn around. He refused another PBT and said to the officer, "I'm not trying to bribe you, but I am the Athletic Director for the University of Georgia." He admitted to drinking finally, and started crying : "I didn't think I was drunk". He was asked about the red panties on his lap, and he said, "She took them off and I held them because I was trying to get her home." He asked if they could just be dropped off at a hotel, and he used his position or power to try and get it, and later asked for just a warning, to which the officer said that he didn't give out warnings for drunk drivers.

Once in the jail, Fuhrmann stated that she and Evans had been seeing each other for a week. She then promised that he would get off , and that he was the AD of Georgia and has the power. Once he got to Evans to be transported to jail he started crying uncontrollably.

Ahh, sucks for Evans. He may have kept his job, but this police report being released is a career killer.

Career Killah Update: Evans submitted his request for resignations, and Georgia's president accepted it. Along with resigning he gets $100,000 longevity bonus, 3 months salary, a lifetime of shame, and a possible divorce.

Divorce Looming Update: From SportsByBrooks and the AJC: the AJC had a public records request granted to them, and it showed what everyone already knew. Evans and Fuhrmann were getting it on. They exchanged over 250 texts, including some at 9AM the next day after the DUI, and 2 phone calls following his apology. An E-mail was also released showing that they met on May 20th, 6 weeks prior to his DUI arrest, and career ending resignation.


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