Thursday, July 1, 2010

Damon Evans AD Georgia

Following in the footsteps of Lions exec Tom Lewand, Georgia Bulldogs Athletic Director Damon Evans was pulled over and arrested for DUI Wednesday at 11:55 PM. Evans was pulled over in his 2009 BMW and failed sobriety tests, and then refused to take a breathalyzer test. Then it appears that narcolepsy took over in the jail house. No other details have been released yet, but likely will be soon.

Holy Shiii- Update: This just made my day, watch this video to see Damon Evans give a anti-Drunk Driving PSA, best line? "Because if you Drink... and Drive... you Lose." Don't put your money on Georgia this year.

Well, there goes another marriage Update: Evans, who is "happily" married with 2 kids, was arrested along with a "passenger". Well, that passenger just happened to be a 28 year old woman who just isn't the one who put that ring on Damon's left hand. The woman, Courtney Fuhrmann, (...?) was arrested for disorderly conduct when she repeatedly got out of the car when the police were administering the sobriety test, and would not follow officers instructions to stay in the vehicle.

Oh and did I mention that today was the FIRST DAY of a 5 year contract extension for Damon Evans? Ouch.

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