Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chris Simms QB Tennessee Titans

Chris Simms, son of for NY Giant great and Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms, was arrested on charges of operating a vehicle while impaired by marijuana. When he was pulled over officers noticed his red eyes, flushed face, and slurred speech at 2 AM. Then again, maybe it was medicinal, I mean its gotta calm some of the pains from being spleenless following hit after hit against the Carolina Panthers (the hit above ended his season). Of course, Phil probably wished he had daughters instead of sons. He's got Chris smoking and driving, and then there was photo evidence of his other son Matt Simms, (QB for Tennessee [Volunteers not Titans]) rolling what appears to be a blunt.

Update: Simms is currently on trial for his driving under the influence of marijuana charge, and he's got an interesting strategy. Basically, he's saying he went to a party and his friends he was with smoked the weed and that when he got back he told them to get rid of the weed. That explains the smell of marijuana coming from the car, but that's just about it.

Police say he was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint after making a wild, tire-screeching, turn and then smelled marijuana so strongly that it gave him a headache and made his tongue numb. He claimed there was no marijuana and said according to police that he "smoked it all in the car." Officers say he looked out of it, and looked like a 'zombie'. Then again, if you ever watched him play football, he always seemed "out of it."

He refused to take a urine test, as apparently advised by his wife, and when they went to jail he passed out in the jail cell 'promptly'.

He faces a year in jail.

Update: Chris Simms after his friends ultimately decided to take the fall for smoking the marijuana in his car, has been acquitted of all the charges of DUI-Marijuana. Apaprently the testimony of Charles Granatell, a former Bryant Universtiy QB, saying that he smoked the marijuana in the car and that Simms was angry about it was enough. The police's depiction of Simms tells another story.

Of course, the above mugshot tells yet another story. Take one look at that picture and tell me he wasn't high. Must have been one hell of a contact buzz. Of course a bullshit alibi and the fact that he refused testing should have been enough for a conviction, but Harvey Steinberg is one hell of a lawyer. Either way, Phil must be proud of his son, his driving while high, and his career 69 QB rating.


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