Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jeremy Trueblood OL Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers OL Jeremy Trueblood, a former 2nd round pick from Boston College who has started 61 straight games for them, has been arrested on charges of Public Intoxication and failure to cooperate. It all happened when Jeremy, his mother (the driver), and another male were at a gas station, apparently knocking stuff off counters and almost knocking over a small woman and child. Someone in the gas station called the police and they were pulled over a little way away from the gas station. Trueblood then became belligerent when his mother got a seat belt ticket. Thats when he and the other passenger were apprehended. The officer stated that if they hadn't been drunk and disorderly when that happened, they would have gotten off with nothing. Nothing like the harrowing tale of a 6'8 300 pound mamas boy defending his mother over those dastardly seat belt laws.

Update: Jeremy Trueblood has spoken on the situation, denying ever being involved: "Oddly enough, I never stepped in a gas station, or out of my passenger seat till they made me''

Also, his agent Tom Condon has spoken on the situation: "Jeremy didn't get arrested. He didn't get a ticket and he wasn't given a summons. They took him and another guy and held them for 13 hours, I guess because they thought they smelled alcohol. He doesn't have to go back there or face a judge or anything like that. I was told they have a 13-hour rule there, and they held them for 13 hours and let them go and that's it. "

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