Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vince Young QB Tennessee Titans

Vince Young, fresh off a rejuvenated NFL career last season, is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. Nope, his wonderlic score didn't drop some more, he is the main suspect in an assault at a strip club. It all happened at the strip club Onyx, and apparently he wasn't there for a long time, as seen in the tweets below (from SportsByBrooks) by some of the clubs occupants. So from what those two girls say, he came to the club got into a verbal altercation with someone, fought the manager, and got tossed. More to come from this soon.

Video Edit: Vince Young has been charged with a class C misdemeanor assault charge, punishable by up to $500, and even better, the police released the video of the assault which happened in a small room at the strip club. Allegedly, the manager in question after some words were exchanged flashed a sign up an upside hook 'em horns, which apparently isn't a nice thing to do to a UT grad. Video below:

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