Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tom Lewand President Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand, 41, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence while at a Charity golf tournament, and later apologized for it stating that he was in "active recovery" aka he's a quitter. Lions owner William Clay Ford has since stated that he's standing by Lewand as he continues his assistance. Lewand became the team president after the Lions went 0-16, which in turn made many Lions fans get drunk and drive.

Lying bastard Edit: Lewand was pulled over for driving erratically (drifting into the right eastbound lane and back into the left eastbound lane), then he told the officer that he was the designated driver and was there to pick up his friend, and that he hadn't drank in over a year and a half.... The officer smelled intoxicants and noticed his glossy eyes, and asked him to step out of the vehicle. He asked Lewand to take a BAC test, he didn't respond, then he asked again and he said he wouldn't and then asked what happened if he didn't and why he had to. They told him he could be cited for not taking it, and he still refused. He was cuffed and taken to jail for suspicion of DUI and THEN he finally wanted to take the test at 12:23 AM. Then at 1:04 AM he blew a .21 and at 1:07 he blew a .20. The sobriety tests he passed were as followed counting and alphabet. Good, he got his 3rd grade education. However he failed the heel to toe (didn't have his heel to his toe.) One leg stand (only got to '1') Horizontal Gaze (moved his head with the pen) swayed during the Rhomberg, and the finger to nose (touched his lip).

Video Edit: For everyone's viewing pleasure, a video from Lewands arrest has been released and can be seen here.

Final Edit: Lewand plead guilty to driving while visibly impaired, was placed on 6 months of probations, and was fined $532. He also admitted to having "several" vodka drinks prior to being pulled over.

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