Friday, June 25, 2010

Sean Payton HC New Orleans Saints

After the Super Bowl all the players go out and celebrate, but New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton apparently went out and celebrated a little bit too hard afterwords, and almost didn't get out of bed the next morning because he was too hungover to go to a press conference, as told in his new book:

Did I mention the press conference was scheduled for 8:30 a.m.? The Lombardi Trophy was in the bed beside me. I was totally dead asleep when Mike Ornstein (marketing agent) was banging on my door at 7 a.m. sharp. I'd been asleep and hour and 40 minutes, and I'd had a couple cocktails and some Amstel Light. OK, more than a couple. As I'd said good night, I'd told Ornstein, "I'll pay the fine. No way am I making that press conference. There's only so much I can do." "Look," Ornstein said. "For 44 years, the head coach has always been there. You're not gonna be the first one to miss it."

What can I say? I'm lucky I could string a sentence together at all. I got back in the Town Car and fell asleep on the ride back to the hotel. The next thing I remember, I was on the team charter flying home. That was Monday. It's all a bit of a blur. Have you ever seen the movie, "The Hangover," where the guy is asking, "How did this lion (actually tiger) get here? Where did my tooth go? Isn't that Mike Tyson? That was Monday for me."

At least he's honest, but when he says cocktails, man that just sounds a little fruity. I would have liked it better if he said that he took 2 too many Nat Bongs and passed out next to the Super Bowl trophy because she looked cute with his beer goggles on.

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