Thursday, June 3, 2010

Johnny Jolly DL Green Bay Packers

(A big middle finger to the prosecutors)

Everything I said about Johnny Jolly not seeing prison time... well... I can't really say my belief of that is so strong anymore. The prosecutors claim they have strong evidence against Jolly that he "bought, sold, funded, transported and aided in the buying, selling, funding and transportation of illegal narcotics including cocaine and marijuana". They also apparently have evidence that Jolly was smoking marijuana and drinking liquid codeine in the same time period (2006-2008). However, they aren't going to present the evidence unless it goes to sentencing. I'm no Johnny Cochran, but that sounds to me like they are trying to get him to take a plea deal. As Jolly's lawyer Michelle E. Bock said, "I could file a notice of intent to prove I'm Santa Claus, but that doesn't mean it's true"

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