Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jewel Hampton RB, Jordan Bernstine DB Iowa

Brian Ray/The Gazette

Jewel Hampton (left), who was supposed to replace Shonn Greene but suffered a season ending knee injury, and defensive back Jordan Bernstine (right)who also mised 2009 with an injury, were both arrested early Saturday morning. Bernstine and Hampton were both arrested for public intoxication, and Hampton was also arrested for presence in a licensed liquor establishment after hours. Police were flagged down to go to a fight at 1:46 AM, and they noticed that Hampton was the one who was bringing the ruckus. Bernstine was just "a problem" for officers, and kept interjecting himself into the situation after being told numerous times to leave the area. Hampton had "red watery eyes and smelled like alcohol" and ended up blowing a .091, and Bernstine who "had blood shot eyes and kept asking the same question over and over again" ended up blowing a .129. I thought the midwest knew how to handle their liquor...

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