Monday, June 14, 2010

Bryant McKinnie OT Minnesota Vikings

Bryant McKinnie is a certified bad ass, and a hardcore partier. To start off explaining his extensive badassness, you have to look back to 2005, 3 years after being in the league. This was the year of the Love Boat, and McKinnie allegedly had a good time on it. He (allegedly) picked up a naked woman and put her on a bar and went down on her in front of the boat crew and other guests, and later he and 3 other people were spotted getting head in deck chairs on a public area of the boat. McKinnie wasn't the only Vikings player on the 2 boats, allegedly there were 17 key players for the Vikings on board. Team bonding at its finest.

Next in 2008, McKinnie was arrested on three charges, aggravated battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest without violence. It all started when a bouncer, likely smaller than the 6'8 335 pound Mount McKinnie, tried tossing him out of Club Space. McKinnie spit in the bouncers face, shoved a camera phone into his face, and then picked up a pole and smashed it on top of his head. Even with that, the bouncer said he wouldn't press charges if McKinnie left, which he did (into a strip club near by) but he didn't leave for long. Police were called again to Club Space at 6:30 AM where they saw McKinnie in the middle of a large group of people throwing punches and yelling obscenities. When asked to stop by the police he boarded a charter bus and police ordered the bus driver not to leave, so he was stuck between police and a belligerent giant NFL player.

The former Miami alum was voted to the Pro Bowl last year, his only selection, and usually when players get voted to the Pro Bowl they get excited, not this man, he was too busy getting shitfaced and partying to get to practice in the AM and was kicked off the NFC squad -- I guess that's what you get when you put the Pro Bowl in Miami instead of Hawaii. He claimed to have a foot injury and "the flu" but he tweeted on twitter about going to the Gentlemans club King of Diamonds, and going to the Mansion Miami Nightclub, and of course to get there cause its getting packed a 12:06 AM.

So the moral of this story. Do I want McKinnie on my team? Hell no. Do I want to go party with this man? I don't know how any normal man wouldn't. Does McKinnie enjoy women of questionable moral standards? I think its safe to say yes.

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