Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brandon Underwood CB, and 6 other Green Bay Packers

7 Green Bay Packers were out raging in the Wisconsin Dells, throwing a party that one man described as "To me it sounded like a bunch of drunks having a bachelor's party", too bad that this bachelor party went all wrong. The 7 Packers, S Khalil Jones, OLB Brad Jones, OLB Clay Matthews, OG Josh Sitton, FB Korey Hall, and CB Brandon Underwood were all taken from their condo down to the police station for questioning about a sexual assault of 2 women, aged 31 and 33, the oldest of the 7 -- 25. When police arrived (after 4:17 AM) the group of Packers were all still drinking, extending the night apparently, cause they party don't stop til 6 in the morniiiin. The police interviewed all 7 and 6 were released, leaving Brandon Underwood, who is married with 2 children, as the man who apparently had the "non consensual threesome". Underwood admits that there was sexual contact, but that it was consensual, the girls on the other hand deny consent. To me, this is open and shut. These girls are money grubbing whores. Is a non consensual threesome even physically possible? How can there be sexual assault of two women without one running away and calling for help? Either way, Dom Capers won't be asking Underwood to double team receivers anytime soon.

HaHa dumb whores Update: Apparently, Underwood picked up the two "women" (term used loosely -- kind of like them) at the Gentlemans club Chubby's (to put it into perspective, I've been there before -- and the women are about as good as the clubs name would perceive) and brought the girls back to the Condo that the Packers were staying at. While Underwood was going to town on one, the other girl decided to try and rob him. They got caught and then they got thrown out of the condo, then they proceeded to call rape, which is the girls version of calling wolf. The thing is -- the first story they told, was that Brandon Underwood sexually assaulted the two girls while another Packers player held them down -- but that QUICKLY changed when 6 of the players were released, then the girls said it was just B. Underwood. Changing your story to the cops -- not necessarily a good way of getting that money you meant to get while you were robbing him. Now, all three of the parties might be charged with prostitution charges. More to come.

Final Update: Brandon Underwood, according to court documents was charged with Prostitution-Nonmartal Sexual Intercourse, or in other words, he paid for sex with some whores. He was found guilty by way of No Contest plea, and is fined $379. Said whores were finally charged as well, both with prostitution. Of course. Because they are dirty whores.


  1. Packer's version of the Love Boat? She just invited Underwood to Brown County

  2. Looks like no charges. And the girls might get charged, way to go ladies!