Monday, May 3, 2010

Sean Payton HC, Joe Vitt AC New Orleans Saints

Sean Payton, Super Bowl winning head coach, and Joe Vitt, Super Bowl winning assistant head coach and linebackers coach have been named in a lawsuit that alleges there was stealing of 130 vicodin pills from the team. The former security director for the Saints, and former FBI Agent Geoff Santini was forced to resign for not going along with the coverup, supposedly by Mickey Loomis, the teams GM. Apparently, the evidence is pretty serious against Vitt, claiming that there was video evidence of him stealing 20 pills. The lawsuit just states that Payton was using enough vicodin to constitute abuse, but never did it say that Payton was stealing vicodin from the team doctors. Santini is willing to settle out of court, but the settlement demands initially were non negotiable at 2 million dollars. The New Orleans Saints of course denied it, and Payton released a denial. Payton is now surprisingly the most posted Coach on Shot of Ginn.

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  1. Coach P is a total player. He likes his vices -booze and women. Party on coach.