Monday, May 17, 2010

Scott Sicko TE Dallas Cowboys

Scott Sicko is kind of a douche, he gets a chance to do something that millions of people dream and aspire to do, and he just threw it to the waste side because he was so hurt that he didn't get drafted. He decided to finish his education (which in its own isn't a bad thing) but he basically said he was only doing that because he didn't get drafted. Then look at him, while Peter King was throwing his praises, and every one else was commenting how the decision was weird or in fact just plain foolish, he finally got convinced by the Dallas Cowboys to sign a contract. So what did he say about flip flopping? "What can I say? I changed my mind". So from this attitude that if he doesn't get drafted he won't have a long NFL career (talk to Kurt Warner, John Randle, Night Train Lane, Antonio Gates, etc. etc. about that one) to the fact that he has the gayest beer pong distractions alive, I don't think I'll be a fan of this kid, despite his funny name.

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