Thursday, May 20, 2010

Santana Moss WR Washington Redskins

When Dr. Anthony Galea got arrested on his way to treating a Washington Redskins player, many thought who could be the guy that possibly to HGH or Human Growth Hormone, illegal but not tested for in the NFL. Now the player is out, and that player is Redskins WR Santana Moss, and one of the assistants for Dr. Galea did have HGH in his possession when in route to Moss, and its reported that he did receive it from Galea. None of Galea's patients will end up facing charges, though. Other Galea patients include WR Javon Walker, QB Chris Simms, and RB Jamal Lewis. Santana Moss was asked about HGH, and well... He wasn't too happy to answer questions about it. Its too bad he got caught receiving it instead of testing positive for it, then he could just lie and say he feared for his life because of a tumor, that seems to be the popular excuse these days.

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