Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mike Ragone TE Notre Dame

Mike Ragone, a TE for Notre Dame, was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession after getting pulled over with a female companion at around 10 AM on Saturday. The officer stopped the car, smelled the weed, and then found 2 bags in the girls purse. Both Ragone, and the girl, were both charged with marijuana possession, even though Ragone -- technically -- wasn't in possession of the marijuana, though it was in his car. The Junior who played in 12 games, starting 6, might get suspended because of this. A suspension might do him some good, he clearly needs to hone up on his pathetic beer pong skills. I don't care if a girl is on your team, step up your game! You need to practice for the National BP League (NBPL) if this football thing doesn't work out.

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