Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Matt Birk C Baltimore Ravens

In 2000, 2 years after Matt Birk was drafted out of Harvard in round six, he took over the starting center position, and the rest is history. He earned his first of 6 Pro Bowls his first year starting and hasn't looked back. After all that, and after the 2008 season the Vikings decided to not resign the 33 year old 2 time All-Pro, who some consider one of the best Vikings players of all time. Then he signed with the Baltimore Raven, replacing Jason Brown who signed a big deal with the St. Louis Rams (probably not the best career move). Along with celebrating St. Patties Day with old people, he has agreed to donate his brain and spinal cord to science when he dies to learn about concussions, and he heads many charitable groups, especially cool ones that Joe Flacco and others serving you food.

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