Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lawrence Taylor LB Ex-New York Giants

Hall of Fame LB Lawrence Taylor is in deep shit again with the law, the well known former drug addict was arrested on charges of third degree rape (a felony) and third degree patronizing of a prostitute. The girl was paid 300$ for sex, allegedly, not alleged is the fact that the girl was only 15 years old when the pimp dropped her off. Jeff Ireland was quick to ask why Taylor didn't request Dez Bryant's mother, but Lawrence must have said he liked them young . The girl was an apparent run away, and was reported missing by her family in March, and then hung with the wrong crew, a slick talkin, pimp cane walkin crew. Surprisingly (or maybe not) no drugs were found in the hotel, but condoms, a bottle of alcohol, and other things. The girl also had a mark on her face, but it was apprently from an altercation before she allegedly made sexy time with the real LT.

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