Friday, May 21, 2010

Johnny Jolly DL Green Bay Packers

Packers DL Johnny Jolly has been placed under some new, stricter, cock blocking restrictions to his Bond after some "questionable behavior". Yeah, being the fucking shit is questionable behavior these days.

A hearing May 5th was delayed because Jolly's lawyer had a doctors note saying that he was in the hospital because of complications to appendicitis. BUT then the prosecutor showed the judge a picture of a flyer that showed Jolly was hosting a party, and then a bunch of pictures of Jolly holding alcohol at parties (oooooooooops... Sorry...)

Now Jolly must A. Give hair samples to be tested for drugs and alcohol, B. follow a strict 6PM - 6AM curfew, C. Cannot attend places where alcohol is served, and D. Must undergo evaluation for drug/alcohol dependency.

Talk about being fucked by the long dick of the law, he's not even in trouble for drinking alcohol. When this is all said and done, I just want to buy Jolly a beer.

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