Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hank Baskett WR Philadelphia Eagles

The only worse thing than dropping an onside kick on the biggest stage of professional football which in turn led to you losing the Super Bowl is dating a girl that you know that everyone has seen naked. Until now I didn't know if it got any worse, but in fact it sure fucking does. Now everyone has not only seen Hank Baskett's wife naked, now everyone will (soon) see Hank Baskett's wife (Kendra Wilkinson) boning. Not only that, but she is getting profits from this so she wanted her sex tape to get released, that's too fucked up. Taunts at those games at the sidelines (cause the bum won't be playing anyways) are going to get out of control, it might turn into a Ron Artest type Player/Fan brawl, but only in a sport that matters.

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