Monday, May 17, 2010

Curtis Steele RB Baltimore Ravens

Many people find it better to get undrafted then to get drafted in the 7th round. Why? Because then you have a choice of where you can go, instead of getting drafted to go somewhere. It gives you a better chance of going to a team that you legitimately have a shot at making the roster. Curtis Steele, formerly of Memphis, went undrafted and went to a pretty bad spot to try and make the team, but maybe he just thinks he's up to the task. He went to the Baltimore Ravens where they already have Willis McGahee, Ray Rice, and LeRon McClain. They have 4 pro bowls between them, and Ray Rice and McClain went to the Pro Bowl just last year. He's got a steep climb, but I bet he's faced longer odds to get where he is right now.

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