Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brandon Gouin LB Colorado

The Seniors at Boulder High School in Colorado have a camping trip every year and this year was no different. Except for this one WAS THE BEST PARTY EVER! 3 people got taken to the hospital because there lightweights and got too fucked up, 3 people got taken to detox because they are lightweights and got too belligerent, 40-50 cars got towed, and one girl got arrested for assault. What else does a party need? Well to throw a party that fucking awesome, you need kegs. Multiple. When you're in high school, its kind of hard to get kegs. In comes Brandon Gouin (above when he played ball at Boulder high school). The Junior LB for the Buffaloes was more than willing to purchase the barrells for them. After the police and paramedics cleared the scene they didn't call that a night, no way no how, they put on there Nancy Drew thinking caps and fucking went to liquor stores and actually found out who bought the Kegs. So Brandon Gouin doesn't even get to go to his party, and gets fucked, all to show his little bro a good time. He may be in the running for best big brother ever.

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