Monday, April 12, 2010

Santonio Holmes WR New York Jets

"Hey, that one Super Bowl Winning catch you made? Thanks for that, but... we're going to have to ship you off. You see, we have this QB accused of Rape, but we can't really have him throwing to a guy who smokes weed. Bad for the PR, you know? Its not you, its me. What did we get for you? No, certainly not that high Santonio, you must be high to think that. We only got a lousy 5th rounder. Pick 155."

-Art Rooney, owner extraordinaire

In all seriousness, think of the possibilities with pick 155!

2009 - Xavier Fulton - OT - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2008 - Thomas Williams - LB - Jacksonville Jaguars
2007 - Dante Rosario - TE - Carolina Panthers
2006 - Jeff King - TE - Carolina Panthers
2005 - Larry Brackins - WR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2004 - Rod Davis - LB - Minnesota Vikings
2003 - Melvin Williams - DL - New Orleans Saints
2002 - Terry Jones - TE - Baltimore Ravens
2001 - A.J. Feeley - QB - Philadelphia Eagles
2000 - Quincy Sanders - ? - Washington Redskins

Now I'm not saying there destined to draft a no body, but I'm just saying that I don't think they'll be getting a Super Bowl MVP. Then again, the Steelers have been STELLAR in the 5th round, Hooray for Tee Martin, Chucky Okobi, Omar Jacobs, and the recently outed WR Ricky Martin! Oh, Ricky Martin the Latin Singer isn't Ricky Martin the New Mexico alum? Well thats more research than I want to ever do.

In less weedy/more tweety news: Ryan Grant of the Green Bay Packers released his favorite drinks via a tweet photo on Twitter.... Corona and... Franzia Boxed Wine?

Well maybe he should have let Payton drink that wine: Here is a drunk Jerry Jones rambling on about how Romo was a miracle, Bill Parcells ain't worth a shit, Wouldn't even draft Tim Tebow in the 3rd round cause he wouldn't see the field, and Parcells was a yes man to help him get a new stadium. Holy drunk billionaire batman. From Deadspin.

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