Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sam Shields WR/KR Green Bay Packers

One of the UDFA signings that has Packer fans all excited is WR/CB/KR Sam Shields, formerly of Miami. He ran a 4.3 at the U's pro day, showing that he had the speed to make it in the NFL though he didn't get drafted mainly because of the fact that he didn't produce much at Miami and generally had a bad attitude that put him in the dog house a lot. Oh and a marijuana arrest really close to the NFL draft. That couldn't really have helped his cause too much. Shields has a chance of sticking as a kick returner well, because I'm sure like most other Packer fans like me are sick of seeing Jordy Nelson back there, running in a straight line for 20 yards, and getting tackled. Or fumbling.


  1. ya go pack go nigga

  2. lol, so trueee. I hated Jordy as a KR. I used to wonder what the hell Mike was thinking putting him there? I belongs in the receiving corps, not special teams. I do like randall cobbs though.