Monday, April 12, 2010

Sam Maresh LB Minnesota

Sam Maresh
is mostly known for having open heart surgery to replace a faulty valve, and overcoming a tumor in his leg to get onto the field as a freshman for the Golden Gophers. Now, he has some other things to be known for, like being charged with underage drinking twice in 2 weeks. The first one, March 28th at 3:41 AM he was at a party that got busted with 17 underagers there, and he was ticketed. This time, he was walking down the street drinking straight from a bottle of Jagermeister. He was stopped by police at 12:18 AM and they found out he was under 21, specifically he is 20. He ended up having a very respectable BAC of .22, then was released at the scene, and unfortunately likely not with his bottle of Jager.

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