Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Justin Harrell DL Green Bay Packers

They say that it takes 3 years to judge a draft class, or a draft pick. Well lets jump in the hot tub time machine and take a look at who Ted Thompson decided to select with the Packers first selection in 2007.

With the 16th selection in the 2007 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select... Justin Harrell DL Tennessee...

Clearly the Packers taking the last Volunteer to wear Reggie White's #92 would bring flashbacks of White's greatness. Right? Well.. Clearly that did not happen, injury after injury later he has 18 career tackles, and after drafting 2 Defensive linemen in this years draft, the writing is on the wall... Justin Harrell, Ted Thompson's finest draft choice, will be on his way out, maybe sooner than later. Coulda been worse... We could have drafted Brady Quinn.


  1. since edgar bennett got put in the position of wr coach, he should be the team doctor

  2. i forgot to say : "TURD"